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Thatcher Dezhou casting Limited company is Shandong Pulisen Group Ltd., Lu is the Northwest's largest machine tool casting professional production enterprises. The company covers an area of 150000 square meters, a total construction area of about 90000 square meters, existing staff of 597 people, engineering and technical personnel 30 people, including 10 senior titles.

Thatcher Dezhou casting Limited company first phase project since 2003 August 2004 site, built go into operation August oneself, through continuously deepen the internal management, the work is in full sail on a high-speed development of the fast lane. In 2006 our company has successfully completed the ISO9001-2000 quality, environment, occupation health ISO14001-2004 OHSAS18001-1999 three system certification. 2006 August, my company two phase of the project started construction in 2007 November, two phase of the project put into operation, the current annual production capacity has reached more than 4 tons.

Thatcher Dezhou Foundry Co., the company has advanced equipment: 20T\/h resin sand production line 3; 40T\/h resin sand production line 1; 3T\/h automatic cupola two; 10T\/h automatic cupola four; 10m ×3.5m× 2.5m ( high ) aging kiln three; 10m ×2m× 2m long shot blasting machine two table; diameter of 4.5m× 3M turret type shot blasting machine two; 1m ×1m hook shot blasting machine two units; the largest crane 32t; 12 meters Longmen planer 3, 9 meters, 6 meters Longmen planer 3 single-arm planer 2, landing boring and milling machine 2, 1.6m ×9m Longmen milling machine, vertical lathe, 1 sets medium-sized car, milling machine multiple; with a chemical analyzer, mechanical properties testing, metallographic analysis, the properties of molding sand testing and other modern means of quality testing. The company has independent import and export rights.

Thatcher Dezhou casting Limited company the main production of various grades of high strength gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, ductile cast iron, nonferrous metal castings; production of various sets of copper, copper tile; main products for machine tool castings castings, power generation equipment, internal combustion engine, compressor castings castings, a mass of up to 25 tons, the maximum length of up to 10 m. Casting export Japan, American, Singapore, Germany and other countries, is a company, Makino company sentinel buffalo grams casting manufacturers, and with more than 10 domestic machinery enterprises long-term cooperation.


Thatcher Dezhou casting Limited company is located in Dezhou City, Lingxian County Economic Development Zone, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, 104 National Road Interchange, near the port of Qingdao, Tianjin port, traffic is very convenient, unlimited business opportunities, our company invites customers at home and abroad to visit my company guidance, create chan.