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   Excellent Casting Award at the 6th Shandong International Casting Industry Exhibition in 2024 2024.05.08
   Students from Ningcheng Zhuoer Technology Co., Ltd. visited and studied at Shandong Plison Group 2023.06.21
   Zhuoer Technology Wins Gold at the 21st China International Foundry Expo 2023.05.10
   Specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in 2023 2023.05.04
   The delegation visited Shandong Plyson Group for investigation 2023.03.30
   Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023.03.20
   Secretary-General of China Casting Association, and Liu Shusheng, 2023.02.28
   Pass the identification of high-tech enterprises 2023.02.09
   The 4th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition 2022.09.01
   Ningcheng Zhuoer Technology Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony 2022.09.01
   National Foundry Industry Development Forum 2022.07.30
   Zhuoer was successfully selected as the representative of blank industry chain of Shandong CNC machine tool industry cluster 2022.01.03
   Shandong Prinsen group won the "Gold Award for high quality castings" at the 19th China International Foundry Expo 2021.06.04
   Congratulations on our products winning the gold award of high quality castings at the 19th China International Foundry Expo. 2021.05.28
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   dezhou zhuo er new xinwen 2017.03.05
   yi da li ke hu lai wo gong si qia dan ye wu 2017.02.27
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   Why need tempering machine tool bed casting 2012.12.15
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